Avianca is offering up to a 125% on buying LifeMiles & how it can save you nearly $5K on an Air Canada Business Class flight

Avianca has brought back yet another great buy miles bonus. It is the
standard offer of 100% bonus miles when buying at the lowest levels but
they’ll through in an additional 15% or 25% when you buy more miles.

Some people are reporting even higher bonuses of 35% and those tend to be those who have purchased miles before.

Not taking into account the potential 35% bonus, if you buy 101,000
miles or more with the 25% bonus you are buying LifeMiles for about US
1.47 cents each. That is a pretty amazing price for you can achieve with
them as you can redeem for business class or first class on Star
Alliance airlines like Air Canada, Lufthansa and ANA. Here is an example of the savings it can provide

Air Canada Toronto to Paris in Business Class on May 23:

Actual Cost to buy tickets:

Redeeming via LifeMiles:

If you buy the 101,000 miles from Avianca at the 1.47 cents you will get
227,250 miles which means you can easily use 63,000 of them for the
redemption above. Total cost for that one flight? Only about C$1,000 (assuming 1.37 exchange rate from USD). So
you are saving $4,989 from what Air Canada is charging! You could actually get yourself three of these flights with the 227,250 miles and have just under 40,000 miles left.

Now do you see why it can bee such a good deal?

Oh and to compare here is what the redemption looks like on Aeroplan:

A little less miles than what Avianca charges but and it’s a big but (a little Sir Mix-A-Lot for you), look at Aeroplan’s fees! Nearly 5 times what Avianca charges!

Offer details

Earn up 125% LifeMiles when you buy LifeMiles online. Full details Until May 30, 17

Buy from Up To Bonus you get

LM 1,000 LM 50,000 2×1

LM 51,000 LM 100,000 2×1 +15

LM 101,000 LM 200,000 2×1 +25%

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