WestJet Rewards Exclusive Member Offers: Complete a set number of flights in Canada to save up to 50% on a future flight

WestJet launched a new promotion today for members of the WestJet Rewards program. The promotion varies based on your level within the program and will reward you with a future flight discount on WestJet depending on how many flights you complete within Canada. Yes, celebrating Canada’s 150th, WestJet’s newest promotion will provide you with a 10% to 50% discount off a fall flight (for up to 2 people) when you fly on WestJet within Canada. The qualifying flights must be taken between May 1 and June 30th. The resulting discount is for flights taken between September 12 and December 12 with booking having to take place between July 18 and August 18. Kind of wish that booking window was longer that that as there are quite a few of us who don’t plan trips that far in advance but WestJet does need to have some breakage on this offer. Hence the reward being a discount, if it was WestJet dollars being rewarded the breakage would be a lot less in turn costing WestJet more than the discount offer.

WestJet Rewards Basic Member Offer:

WestJet Rewards Silver Elite Member Offer:

WestJet Rewards Gold Elite Member Offer:

In my opinion basic members have the best of this of this offer. One one way flight and you get 10% off. Sure it isn’t 50% off but for a Gold member to get that discount they have to fly 7.5 round trips or 15 one ways. For this Gold member that’s not gonna happen. Maybe if someone else was footing the bill it would happen and for those of you who get to travel on corporate dollars or bill it out to your clients, go for it. Try to get that highest bonus but those of use footing our own bill, if Air Canada has a cheaper fare I’ll go for it over WestJet and not worry about this promo. That’s a lot of cash to fork out even at the first tier for a Gold as I would need four round trips or eight one way flights. Kind of wish I was a basic member as I do currently have one round trip booked for the promotional period but for the time being don’t plan on having any others.


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