Book your everyday travel via our partners page and in turn support Rewards Canada

Years ago and I mean pre-2012 years we had a page on the old Rewards Canada where we listed all our partners that you could book travel with but that disappeared when we redesigned the site. The page was created for several reasons. First off, family and friends kept asking me how they could book travel with us and I had to explain well we are more based on travel rewards not a travel agency but yes if you go to so and so bonus offer page on our site and click a register now link for a flight bonus or hotel bonus you would be taken to that airline or hotel and you could book with them. This was a convoluted process and the landing page of a reward offer isn’t usually your easiest booking page since it is a registration page. Secondly, we had our regular readers asking us how they can support the website. Someone suggested putting one of those ‘Support our site with a donation via Paypal’ icons but we didn’t want that so we just asked years ago that if you are booking travel you book it via us as we get a small commission on those bookings. That way you are getting something for your money and in turn you help support us.

Fast forward to now and people still ask how they can help us out. Whether it is a fellow parent at a volleyball tournament, the gentlemen in the shared office space we work out of or the numerous emails with people looking for advice on credit cards and reward programs who are very thankful and ask us how they can help us out.

To answer this and make it easy we have re-created our partners page where you can go to book your travel. The great thing is that you are not booking your travel with Rewards Canada. You are booking with the end provider, so if you have status with Marriott and want to ensure you get all your points and elite status benefits on your stay you don’t have to worry as that booking is made with them not us.

We have well over 100 airline, hotel, car rental and OTA partners listed on the page that you can make your bookings with and we thank you in advance for any and all bookings you do make via the page as you are helping support the site.

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions please do not hesitate to post them in the comments section below.

Other than that you can check out our Partner Booking Page here!