Meet the Collectors: Young professional makes mile & point consolidation work to his favour

Today we bring you our latest Meet the Collectors feature.
These are interviews with our readers, who are everyday Canadians like
you, on what they are doing with their loyalty programs.

Anybody who’s truly serious about collecting points knows
planning is key to maximizing their value. Choosing the most
cost-effective flights, hotels, and even destinations for their
affordability, or their points payoff, is key to making the most of
one’s rewards experience.

Tell that to Charles Tam. Because of his job as a manager
of regulatory affairs with Edwards Life Sciences in Mississauga, Charles
flies over 25,000 miles annually, averaging 6-8 domestic business
flights per year. This makes Charles’ story different from other points
collectors, because he often isn’t able to plan his travels around
maximizing points. Yet that hasn’t stopped him from saving for getaways
and splurge purchases like any other seasoned collector.

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