Top 5 Credit Card Sign Up offers for February

Here are the Rewards Canada Top 5 Credit Card Sign Up offers for the month of February! This is not a ‘best’ credit card
list like our Top Travel Rewards Credit Card rankings but instead a look at cards that have very good acquisition offers. As always when choosing a card
you should always take other factors into account other than the sign
up bonus, but when most or all of these cards are first year free, they
can and
do pay off even when not taking into account insurance packages and
other non-reward benefits. In fact all of the cards on this list for February are first year free so you can try them all at no cost,
get over $1,000
in rewards and
decide later on if the card is right for you. All the while you’ll be earning the
sign up bonus which can be used to subsidize your travels!  Just ensure
you drop any cards you don’t like before your 1st year anniversary so you don’t pay the annual fee for the second year



No changes this month from January! Note that this is the last month on the first year free offer for the Scotiabank Gold American Express card so if you have been thinking about it you should grab it soon!

So here are our top 5 credit card sign up offers for February (in alphabetical order)

American Express Gold Rewards Card – 25,000 Points (Apply here)

A mainstay offer here on Rewards Canada, the American Express Gold
Rewards card has its first year fee of $150 waived and will award you
25,000 Membership Rewards points when you complete $1,500 in spending in
the first three months. That 25,000 points is worth a $250 travel credit
via Amex’s TripFlex feature or can be converted to 25,000 Aeroplan
Miles (1 Round trip Economy Award ticket within North America) or 25,000
British Airways Executive Club Avios (as much a 3 one way Economy Award
tickets in North America, see this article for details.) Also see our new post on how this sign up bonus can get you a free flight between Toronto and Dublin!!

Chase Marriott Rewards Premier Visa – 30,000 Points  (Apply here)

The best no foreign transaction fee card in Canada makes it to this list
due to a very strong acquisition offer. I mean who can complain with
30,000 to 50,000 points awarded on approval all at no
cost as the card has the annual fee waived in the first year! They also
give you a 15 night credit into the mix which automatically provides
you with Marriott Rewards Silver Elite status. Please note there is a
50,000 point offer floating around that
is specific for Marriott Elite members
and some people are reporting that they getting the points while some
others are not. YMMV but no matter what you should get at least 30K.

mbna Best Western Rewards MasterCard (Apply here)

Right now there is an offer for 40,000 Bonus Western Rewards
points with this card! With no annual fee to boot! We detail the offer
in this post that shows just how much value you can pull out of the card with this 40K bonus!

Scotiabank Gold American Express Card – 20,000 Points  (Apply here)

A very strong card in the earn category for Gas, Grocery and
Dining/Entertainment purchases, the current sign up bonus for the
Scotiabank Gold American Express Card is 20,000 points when you reach
$750 in spending in the first three months. That 20,000 points is
equal to a $200 travel credit and since this card is a book anywhere
card you can book the travel how you want when you want and when the
charge shows up on your account you can redeem the points against the
charge. The card normally has a $99 annual fee but of course that is
waived in the first year if you apply by January 31, 2017!

TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card – 15,000 Miles (Apply here)
15,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles and a 100% rebate off your first
year annual fee when you apply for and receive the TD Aeroplan Visa
Infinite Card. You can earn an additional 5,000 miles if you hold onto
the card for a year however you’ll then have to pay the annual fee
unless you have a TD All Inclusive Banking Plan which means you would
get all 20,000 miles at no cost to you!

If you went for all these cards you ultimately could end up with over
$1,000 in travel credits and hotel free nights but even if you only take
one or two you are helping your travel budget significantly at no cost
other than regular credit card spend