How to get a $5,800+ Business Class flight between Montreal & Stockholm for under $3,200!

Last seen in December, Air France KLM’s Flying Blue is once again offering a bonus on buying their miles. Usually buying FB miles isn’t a great proposition but if you can tie in buying them with one of their discounted promo awards
offering up to 50% off award tickets you may just be able to out some
value from this promotion. The lower tiers see a higher bonus this round
at 30% vs 20% and 40% vs 30%.

Offer Details

Up to 50% Bonus Miles when you buy Flying Blue Miles online. Full details Until Mar 12, 17

  • 4,000 to 8,000 Award Miles – 30% bonus
  • 10,000 to 28,000 Award Miles – 40% bonus
  • 30,000+ Award Miles – 50% bonus

During this limited-time offer, you can earn up to a maximum bonus of
50,000 Award Miles. Ivory members can purchase a yearly maximum of
75,000 Award Miles, while Elite members can buy an unlimited number of
Award Miles.

Here is an example of this buy miles bonus saving you some money:

You can buy 96,000 miles for EUR 1760. Those 96,000 miles will be enough
to redeem for a discounted business class award ticket between Montreal or Toronto and Europe (with a few miles to spare)



Looking at Apr 10 – 17, 2017 in business class you can get the discounted
rate between YUL & ARN for 93,750 miles and 428.80EUR in taxes and
fees. To buy the miles will cost EUR1848 (including 5% GST) and add in
the taxes and fees on the award flight of 428.80EUR for a total of 2276.80 EUR. Convert that to C$ and you get ~C$3,157.

To buy the same tickets outright costs C$5,821.37. As you can see buying
the miles can provide you a savings of over C$2,600 on these particular

If you don’t live in Canada those miles will only cost you 1760EUR
saving an additional 88EUR or so. And the discount for these Flying Blue
tickets is only 25% at this time, sometimes its 50% off so your savings
could be even bigger. However we do not recommend buying miles if you do not plan on using them within the next 6 months or so.

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