500 FREE Voila Hotel Rewards Points for suggesting new hotels

Voila Hotel Rewards would like to know which hotels, cities, and
countries they should try to expand to! And for you letting them know
some of your suggestions they’ll give 500 free VHR points. The survey is
via Facebook and the app they use will get limited access to your
profile and email. Voila Hotel Rewards has run several free points
offers throughout the years so for some of you your balances may
actually be getting to the point where you could redeem for
something…. something small! Oh and five random members who complete
the survey will win 50,000 points! If you haven’t joined the program yet
do so via this link to score 1,000 more points.

Offer details

500 Free VHR Points for suggesting new hotels for the Voila Hotel Rewards programs. Full details. Until Apr 30, 17

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