Hilton HHonors: 80% Bonus when you buy points and an example of how it can save you some cash

Hilton HHonors has launched a new bonus for buying their points. The bonus of 80% will be awarded when you purchase 5,000 or more points in one transaction. Although we have seen a 100% bonus before that of course is better this 80% bonus can still be worthwhile. Here is just one example:

A stay at the Hilton Whistler Resort and Spa in April can be had for 50,000 HHonors Points or at a minimum C$464 on the AAA rate. That AAA rate would also incur about $69 in taxes for a total of $533. Also note that award night stays are not subject to taxes and fees. So what is the better deal, buying points or paying cash?

To buy 50,000 Points with the 80% bonus offer you need to buy 28,000 points for US$280 or about C$373+GST for a total around $390.

What you would rather pay? $390 or $533? I know which one I would pick!

If you don’t have an award stay in mind for the next few months I would not buy points now in hopes that they would bring back another 100% bonus so that you can pull even more value out of a deal like this.

Offer details:

Receive 80% Bonus HHonors Points when you buy 5,000 or more points online. Full details Until Feb 17, 17