Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Done with AIR MILES? Here are your other options - Part 2 Proprietary Credit Card Reward Programs

As many of you know the AIR MILES Expiring Miles fiasco came to somewhat of a close late last week when they finally dropped their expiry rule after threat of legislation, a damning MarketPlace report and of course 9 months of really bad press. If you watched the MarketPlace piece you'll have seen members cutting up their AIR MILES collector cards and I've heard many more stories of people letting go of the program. So what are some of your other options? In this three part series we'll look at three types of reward programs that make the most sense for Canadian but please be aware there even more options beyond these three (ie Frequent Flyer programs, Frequent Guest programs, proprietary retail programs etc.)

Be sure to read Part 1: Coalition Reward Programs
Be sure to read Part 3: Cash Back Reward Programs

In part two we look at Proprietary Credit Card Reward Programs. These are in our opinion the best option for most Canadians! Just check out our feature from this time last year entitled Why proprietary credit card reward programs are the best option for most Canadians. We won't rehash the whole feature in this post but will give you the highlights as to why we think they are the best option and why they make for a great option outside of AIR MILES and even other traditional loyalty programs. Add to that the beauty of these proprietary credit card reward programs is that you can still swipe you other loyalty cards at retailers to earn miles or points in those programs!

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