Scotiabank More Rewards Visa Card Review

Launched in May of 2016 the Scotiabank More Rewards Visa Card
stormed onto the market as one of the strongest no annual fee travel
cards in the Canadian market. It is the new co-brand credit card offer
for the Western Canadian based More Rewards program that comes to us
from the Overwaitea Food Group. Now growing into a nationwide coalition
reward program, More Rewards saw the need for a new co-brand credit card
that was offered by a major Canadian bank, hence the tie up with



The Scotiabank More Rewards Visa Card
issued by Scotiabank is one of the newest cards available to Canadians
at the time of publishing this review and in our mind it is one of the
most underrated. Why do we think this? Other credit card and financial
sites have looked at the card but only looked at the general rewards
catalog of More Rewards and they cited a weak return for what you earn
with this card. What those blogs and sites failed to do was actually
join More Rewards (costs nothing) and check out their travel reward
options. When you do that you find out that this card is actually the
MOST rewarding no annual fee travel rewards credit card in Canada. We
worked out the numbers which you’ll find out more below and the return
is handsome and don’t even include any extra points you earn for double
dipping at More Rewards partners.

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