Introducing the Rewards Canada Weekly Round Up Podcast

 As mentioned in yesterday’s update we were working on something new for Rewards Canada and that something is our Weekly Podcast! The first episode went live this morning and is currently only available on our website at along with the summary of the episode and relevant links to the topics discussed.

We are currently in the process of having it added to iTunes and will let you know in a future update when it will be available on iTunes. Once that is done we’ll proceed to add it to other platforms.

In the first episode we discuss the deals of the weeks, Movers & Shakers (industry news), Tips & Tricks followed by a call out for listener questions. Of course since we only have one episode under our belt the podcast will evolve over time so this format may change. We welcome any and all comments, suggestions and questions! You can either comment in this post or on the actual podcast page.

If you just want to listen and/or subscribe to the podcast outside of iTunes you can go direct to the podcast feed at

We are super excited about this new Rewards Canada feature and hope that you are too!