Book stays in Vancouver for the summer and receive up to $175 in Gift Cards with beVancouver

We welcome back the American Express Gift Card offer from beVancouver for the summer! If you are a regular Rewards Canada visitor then you should know this
offer well. When you book a beVancouver partner hotel through their site
you can earn up to a $175 American Express Gift Card (value depends on
the hotel) and that card is for the first night. Each additional night
after that will earn you another $50 gift card! This time for the summer you need to book a minimum of 2 nights to partake in the offer.

Here is an example of the offerings:

Promotion Details

  • Check-in must be before or on August 31st 2016
  • All Bookings must be made a minimum 5 days in advance of the check-in date
  • Bookings can be made using VISA, MasterCard, or American Express
  • This promotion is non-cancellable and non-transferrable
  • All bookings will be made in CAD and any other currency displayed is a representative value
  • Guests will receive their $100, $125, $150 or $175 AMEX Prepaid Gift Card per first 2 nights of booking
  • Guests will receive an additional $50 AMEX Prepaid Gift Card for every additional night after the 2nd night
  • Separate consecutive 2 night bookings at the same hotel will not
    result in the guest receiving more than one $100, $125, $150 or $175
    AMEX Prepaid Gift Card
  • A Maximum of 3 bookings per person is enforced – all subsequent
    bookings will be converted into normal Best Available Rate bookings (and
    will apply the corresponding Terms and Conditions) and the guest will
    not receive an AMEX Prepaid Gift Card
  • beVancouver Terms and Conditions Apply