Monday, April 18, 2016

The True Value in Reward Redemptions

There are people in this world of miles and points who look at maximizing the absolute value for the points or miles they earn. Heck we even talk a lot about maximizing the value for a point here on Rewards Canada. There are going to be people out there who say that you shouldn't be redeeming Aeroplan miles for education or AIR MILES for merchandise and that you should be using them for flights because there's better value in it. Is this true? Yes on paper it is but what about in reality? This is a question the media asks us frequently and in reality the best value comes from a redemption that makes you happy.

Sure we talk about value, quite a bit. This point being worth 2 cents, that mile being worth 1.5 cents and so on. We do this to provide a benchmark for those that are concerned with achieving the maximum value, comparing program value or at least seeing if what they are redeeming for is worth it in their mind. You are the point maximizers, you know who you are and you're out there but you are the minority. Most Canadians don't have the time or resources to work out the maximum value of their points or miles as they have lots going in their lives. They have kids. They have activities, They work 10 hours a day. They aren't flexible in when and where they can travel and so on. 

So the question is: Are the majority of Canadians maximizing the value of their rewards?

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