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Hotel Review: Best Western Plus South Edmonton Inn & Suites

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Not too long ago I brought you the review of the Best Western Cedar Park Inn that my daughter’s volleyball team put us up in for a tournament. The hotel wasn’t very good as you’ll see in the review and the issues the team encountered dictated a change for volleyball provincials.

This time the team put us up at the Best Western Plus South Edmonton Inn & Suites. A much newer and more modern hotel than the Cedar Park Inn. When we arrived check in was a breeze at the hotel however unlike the Cedar Park Inn they didn’t acknowledge our Best Western Rewards Diamond status with an amenity or anything of the such.

The rooms were much nicer than Cedar Park’s and very large! Lots of space in the basic rooms as you can see in the pics. The room in general was quite clean, the two queen beds were comfortable and having the fridge and microwave were welcome additions. Our only real complaint would be the water pressure in the shower considering this a new hotel and only being on the second floor you would think there would be decent water pressure! Still it was way better than the trickle offered by the Cedar Park Inn.

On the second night we encountered some issues as the power went out just after 10pm. According to the hotel there was an emergency in the area and the city had to shut the power off. The power was off for just over and hour and wasn’t too big of deal in our room but some of the girls rooms from the team had continuous beeping from the CO/Smoke detectors which kept them from just sleeping through the issue. Also when the power came back on it would shut off and come back on a couple of times which of course meant resetting clocks several times and of course more beeping from the detectors! Finally everything was back to normal by midnight but that meant a short sleep for the team as they had to be at the volleyball facility by 7:15am. My big concern with the power outage wasn’t the power outage itself but the fact that the emergency lights on our half of the building on the second floor didn’t work which meant the hallways were pitch black. My wife, being a room mom had to check on the girls in their room and had to utilize the flashlight on her phone. May not seem like a big deal, which in this case it wasn’t but what if it was a more serious emergency like a fire and the hallways are pitch black like that? I tweeted Best Western but got no response. Hopefully they took the tweet seriously however and contacted the hotel to have the emergency lights checked out.

In terms of amenities, the hotel does have a nice pool, waterslide and hot tub that many of the girls utilized along with a continental breakfast each morning.

Overall this hotel is a much better option than the Cedar Park Inn and is in a decent location on the south end of the city (not too far from the airport) if that is the area you need to be in.

Best Western Plus South Edmonton Inn & Suites
Points required for a free night: 20,000 Best Western Rewards Points

Best Western Plus South Edmonton Inn & Suites

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