Earning Stories: Completing a Quadruple Dip for servicing our Toyota

Welcome to the next post in the Earning Stories series right here on Rewards Canada.
For years we have provided you with the details on earning points and
miles (both regular earning and bonus opportunities) and these stories show the actual offers in action.  


Late last year Aeroplan and Toyota announced a new partnership that went into effect in January. For the first two months of the partnership they ran a promotion to earn bonus Aeroplan miles on buying vehicles and also for servicing vehicles.  The offer for buying a vehicle has actually now been extended to March 31st with smaller bonuses but the service offer has ended.

Screenshot of the promotion that ended Feb 29

This earning story looks at earning on the service end. Rewards Canada owns a Toyota and it needed to go in for regular service in February. Perfect time to try out the new partnership! I noticed marketing of the new partnership all over the service department and when I paid for the service I provided my Aeroplan card. No inputting it into the computer. Instead the service rep had a form to  fill out putting down my name, the date, Aeroplan number and the amount of the service. Wow. Talk about old school! But maybe their systems hadn’t been updated yet or they aren’t planning on spending the money to do so. Why? Well despite being written down on a piece of paper, which always make me wary and wonder if the points will post (I never did ever get my UPS Store bonuses as they wrote my number down and said they would input it later – ya right!) however the miles posted quickly, within a couple days of the service in fact! So Toyota is on the ball unlike the UPS Stores. There was other good news as well. The Toyota dealership I go to also has their own rewards program and I thought by submitting my Aeroplan # I wouldn’t get credit in the dealership program. Well I was wrong, I also got credit with them for the service! So this earning action was an actually a Quadruple Dip!

  • 1st Dip: Dealership Program credit
  • 2nd Dip: Base Aeroplan Miles credit
  • 3rd Dip: Bonus Aeroplan Miles credit
  • 4th Dip: Membership Rewards Points earned by paying with The Platinum Card from American Express.

Not a bad haul for a service that had to be performed no matter what!

Screenshot of the Aeroplan Miles (status earning) posting from Toyota