Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Best Western Rewards: $35 Travel Card for every 2 stays at Best Western hotels for CAA Preferred Members

Last week we brought you the details of the newest Best Western promotion that awards a $25 BW Travel Card after you complete two stays. Not a great offer but better than nothing for your BW stays. However there is a better offer if you are a Best Western Rewards CAA Preferred member (free to join/upgrade your BW Rewards account if you are an CAA member). The offer boosts that travel card value to $35 after every two stays (max 5 cards) at Best Western Hotels in Canada, the Caribbean or the U.S.. So if you do have a CAA membership be sure to upgrade your Best Western Rewards account to one of these preferred memberships so that you can earn an extra $10 for each of those two stays.

Offer Details
Receive a $35 USD Best Western Travel Card® for every 2 separate stays at Best Western® branded hotels in the U.S., Canada or Caribbean when you are a  CAA preferred member. Full details, online registration and booking (Registration is required) Feb 8 - May 8, 16

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