Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Aeroplan and Toyota Canada partnership now in full effect! Bonus miles on car purchases, free miles for test drives and more!

As we mentioned a few months ago, Aeroplan and Toyota signed an agreement to award Aeroplan miles on Toyota & Scion purchases and other services. At that time details of the partnership were vague but as of yesterday we now know what it entails. It is very similar to the Aeroplan-Volvo partnership in that you can earn miles for vehicle purchases, servicing and test drives! The best part is that with test drives you earn 250 Aeroplan miles for free! However unlike the Volvo deal where you can earn 250 miles every 30 days the Toyota deal limits you to 3 test drives per year with the 30 day limitation between test drives. This means you can earn 750 Aeroplan Miles per year for free just for test driving Toyota vehicles. Add in 3,000 miles if you test drive a Volvo every month and you have 3,750 Aeroplan miles.  You can learn all about the partnership and current offers at

Back to the new Toyota deal, the partnership offers 5,000 Aeroplan miles as a base offer for buying a Toyota vehicle and to celebrate the new partnership there are also bonuses depending on the price level of the car and  they are doubling the total miles earned if that vehicle is a Venza or Sequoia. The bonus offers are valid if you buy and take delivery of a vehicle by February 1st. With Scion vehicles you'll receive 7,500 Aeroplan miles + double miles if it is a Scion iM.
Miles earned on Toyota purchases until Feb 1

On the service end you'll receive 2 Aeroplan Miles for every $2 spent until Feb 1st after which it drops to 1 Aeroplan Mile for every $2 spent.

It is nice to see this partnership live now and I'm sure it will see a lot more traction than the Volvo partnership given the size and popularity of Toyota in Canada. Heck Rewards Canada is even a Toyota owner, time to earn Aeroplan Miles and potentially still my dealership rewards when it goes in for service!

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