Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Transfer points to Aeroplan to earn up to 40,000 Bonus Miles

It's back! The Aeroplan  partner transfer bonus that is seen every spring and fall (and this past summer) now has returned. Basically what it entails is transferring points out of other select loyalty programs into your Aeroplan account. This time they it is the same as the offer we saw over summer where you can earn up to 40,000 bonus miles. There are no financial partners involved again, for Canadians that is, Americans get Diners Club Club Rewards in that category. Basically you can transfer from partners like Starwood, Hertz and more (see the last graphic) and as long as the total Aeroplan miles deposited from all of them reaches one of the bonus target levels you will be awarded the respective bonus miles.

And just like the last five versions of this offer, American Express Membership Rewards is unfortunately not included. so chances are I will not use the promo this time (again).

If you are a Starwood Preferred Guest collector you can really up the bonus by taking advantage of their 5,000 Mile bonus offer when you convert 20,000 Starpoints into Aeroplan. Which means in this promotion you can get 29,000 Aeroplan Miles for 20,000 Starpoints or if you transfer 20k four times, you'll get 125,000 Aeroplan Miles for 80,000 Starpoints and so on! Of course I like to keep Starpoints for award nights or cash+points stays within the Starwood family but some of you may like this transfer option especially since SPG may be gone in the next year or two with the Marriott buy out! You can get 20,000 Starpoints simply by getting the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express

Offer Details:
Earn up to 40,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles when you convert points from a wide selection of Aeroplan partner loyalty programs (hotel, car rental, and points.com). Bonuses are as follows and are awarded on a cumulative basis. Convert Points to
5,000 Aeroplan Miles to earn a 1,000 Mile bonus
10,000 Aeroplan Miles to earn a 2,000 Mile bonus
20,000 Aeroplan Miles to earn 4,000 Mile bonus
50,000 Aeroplan Miles to earn a 10,000 Mile bonus
100,000 Aeroplan Miles to earn a 25,000 Mile bonus

150,000 Aeroplan Miles to earn a 40,000 Mile bonus  
Full details Valid until Dec 21, 15

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