Thursday, November 19, 2015

AIR MILES car rental redemptions get even better value with Alamo & National until December 31st.

You may recall from our post Travel Hacking 102 - Earn up to 3,300 AIR MILES Rewards Miles for FREE with a potential value of over $1,000 in travel that we show how the best value for redeeming AIR MILES is for car rentals. Here is an excerpt from that post showing the car rental portion:

Even better than this however seems to be an exceptional value for redeeming for car rentals via AIR MILES.

Here 605 AIR MILES Rewards Miles covers $191.81 of the car rental for a value of 31.7 cents per mile.

Now you can extract even more value from car rentals as witnessed by a bonus we posted earlier this week on Rewards Canada. AIR MILES will reward you up to 100 bonus miles for redeeming miles for Alamo or National Car Rentals. Depending on your collector level you can get 40 to 100 miles back so if you take the above example of 605 miles you'd be looking at only 505 to 565 miles for that same rental. The value extraction is then as high as 38 cents per mile. That's about three times the value per mile that we assign AIR MILES Reward Miles for flight redemptions. You have to redeem by December 31st. I personally need a rental in February so I may jump on this and redeem for it before the end of the year. Of course it all depends on the value of that redemption.

Offer details
Earn up to 100 Bonus Air Miles Reward Miles when you redeem miles for Alamo or National Car rentals. AIR MILES® Collectors get 40 Bonus Miles. Gold Collectors get 80 Bonus Miles, OnyxTM Collectors get 100 Bonus Miles.  Full details  Until Dec 31, 15

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