Tuesday, October 6, 2015

WestJet Rewards: 20% Bonus dollars when you convert RBC Rewards Points

Oct 13 UPDATE: This is open to all RBC Rewards members not just Avion Cardholders!

Yesterday we saw the return of the RBC Rewards transfer to WestJet Rewards! Those RBC Rewards points collectors who hold an RBC Avion credit card can transfer their points to WestJet Rewards and receive a 20% bonus on the total dollars deposited. This means for every 100 RBC Rewards Points transferred you'll receive $1.20 WestJet dollars. The offer runs until Nov 15, 15

Offer Details
20% Bonus WestJet Dollars when your convert RBC Rewards Points  to WestJet Rewards. Full details Until Nov 15, 15


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