Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Did you know? WestJet Rewards Deposit & Fly Targetted Offers

Taking a page from Melia Rewards' playbook, WestJet Rewards has, for quite sometime now, been sending out emails with a Deposit & Fly offer to select WestJet Rewards members. If you haven't got one yet don't worry, WestJet hopes to get one to each WestJet Rewards member eventually but of course there are those who are more likely to get them first and perhaps more than once due to past booking history! Even if you aren't a member yet you should join the WestJet Rewards program as you never know when this offer may come your way!

What is Deposit & Fly?
Simply put its free money given to a WestJet Rewards member from WestJet. But wait, free money? There must be a catch. Yes but its not a sneaky catch rather its a hurry up and book so you can use the free money. What WestJet does is place a set amount of WestJet dollars in your account for a period of 3 days which you can use towards any eligible booking with WestJet. If you don't book within those three days you lose the money. For example, everyone in my family received $50 each a little over two weeks ago to use but alas it came at a time when we weren't planning any bookings. That is with WestJet, as we just finished an Aeroplan redemption for travel during the Family Day vacation period in February. Here is a screen shot showing the $50 coming in and going out of my account without being used

This is a great promotion for WestJet to get people to book sooner than later and try out the redemption process if they haven’t done so before.

So here is our tip:  Make sure you are a WestJet Rewards member, do not delete any emails from WestJet without reading them as you may miss out and don’t unsubscribe from receiving Rewards offers as you will never be targeted for offers like this or the current fast track to Elite Status offer!

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