Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Air Miles accumulation changes at Shell for gas purchases and tips on how to get around the downgrade!

Today we welcome Rewards Canada's newest contributor, Bill W! Bill is a true road warrior, his work has him driving and flying across Western and Central Canada every week while staying in a variety hotels from a variety of chains.  Bill has been reading, following and even giving Rewards Canada tips and updates for a very long time so it is only natural to have him come on board and have him share his insights into the world of Travel Rewards!

Today Bill shares with us the details of the recent change in Air Miles Reward Miles accumulation at Shell stations in Canada and tips on how to combat this change to earn more miles on your gas purchases.

Shell recently and quietly changed the Air Miles collection guidelines when filling up with gas.  The old earn rate was 1 Air Miles Reward Mile for the first $20.00, then 1 mile for each $30.00 thereafter in the same transaction. As a result, a fill-up of $80.00 would result in an award of 3 Air Miles.  That has now changed.  The new parameters are with a minimum 15 litre fill, you will receive 1 Air Mile.  That's it. 1 Air Mile.  It does not matter how much more you spend or how many liters of gas you purchase in the same transaction, you will only get 1 Air Mile. The only way to get more Air Miles is to do multiple transactions (put in 15 litres, stop, complete the transaction, and then put in another 15 litres, stop and complete the transaction. Continue to so this until your tank is full.

I drive a vehicle with a 118 litre tank, so this would mean approximately 7 transactions for 7 Air Miles. However, Shell is currently running a promotion (Offer valid from January 5 - March 1, 2015) where you can obtain 4X your base Air Miles if you purchase Bronze, Silver or Diesel grade fuel and 20X if you purchase Shell V-Power Premium fuel. This promotion, however, requires you to purchase a minimum of 25 litres of gas. 

This is where the multiple transactions would be beneficial. Using my vehicle with a 118 litre tank as an example, I would be able to complete 4 transactions of 25 liters. At 4X the base, I would get 20 points. If I were to purchase Premium grade gasoline, at 20X I would get 80 Air Miles. You will have to decide if it is worth it for you to do this to maximize your miles accumulation.  The choice is yours, but I would take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

Screenshot of Bill's accumulation at Shell utilizing his multiple transaction tip!
Editor's note:
This reminds us of the first Air Canada / Aeroplan Star Challenge where tons of people would fill up at Esso with multiple $3 transactions to reach the various bonus tiers!



  1. Really good tip!! The other option is to not use Shell stations, Irving in the Maritimes offer Air miles.

  2. Very true! Esso has Aeroplan or Esso Extra, Petro has Petro Points, Husky has My Husky rewards etc.

  3. Boy, Air Miles is really deteriorating as a reward program. Lots of better or simpler alternatives for gasoline. AM has poor rewards also. I have a Hilton Hotel AM certificate that would not be honoured at the Hampton in Windsor.

  4. You can transfer Airlines to AAdvantage or Aeroplan? I could not find such information at their website!

  5. I don't think there was any mention above in the article or comments about converting to AA or Aeroplan. You cannot transfer Air Miles to these programs