Thursday, September 4, 2014

US Airways: Earn up to a 100% Bonus on buying Dividend Miles (Until Sep 30)
As we mentioned on Tuesday in our Bonus Offer Highlight post, the non-targeted bonus for buying and/or gifting Dividend Miles is back. Of course buying at the highest level provides you with the biggest bonus. Here are the bonus levels:

Buy 1,000 - 9,000 miles, get a 25% Bonus
Buy 10,000 - 19,000 miles, get  50% Bonus
Buy 20,000 - 29,000 miles, get a 75% Bonus
Buy 30,000 - 50,000 miles, get a 100% Bonus

The promo allows you to buy up to 50,000 miles (so 100,000 in total with the bonus) at 3.5 cents per mile (effective rate is 1.75 cents per mile) plus taxes of $131.25 for total of $1881.25. Considering that can get you a business class ticket between North America and Europe or Asia that can cost a lot more than that, this is a good deal! Since US Airways allows 3 day holds on award tickets you can always find the award flights you want before you buy the miles and therefore you don't have dole out a hefty chunk of change just in case you cannot find availability for your preferred award flights.

Earn up to 100% Bonus US Airways Dividend Miles when you buy miles until Sep 30!


  1. Is it worth it for me to buy 50thousand miles to get the 100,000 miles even though I'm an aeroplan and aventura collector? Aeroplan has been working quite well for me&I hit up a lot of opportunities. I don't want too many reward programs going on (I have 8000 points stuck in IHG that are useless to me as I don't stay at Holiday Inns anymore now that I maximize Aeroplan potential). However, if it's worth it to buy these miles, I will do so just to redeem for a flight. How much would it cost me and where can I find flight or hotel redemption charts? Thank you

  2. It can be worthwhile, but I would find a reward you like first before buying the miles. You can find all the way the use miles (incl charts) at

    If you think you won't use the miles anytime soon (I would say within 3 months) I would probably not buy the miles as you never know when a program change can happen etc.
    Like mentioned above the beauty of US Airways is that you can search for flights and if you find some you like you can hold them for three days even without the mileage which means you can buy the miles after you find the flights (or buy them at the time of booking) and then use those miles.

  3. I'm looking at flights for either YYZ to BCN or FCO for a cruise we are planning June 2015. We can choose an itinerary that starts and ends in either location.Aeroplan is 30k one way in economy. If there is another program that will give me better return on mileage for Europe, I'll definitely consider it. London, Paris, Venus and Cannes are also planned trip. Thanks.

  4. US Airways doesn't have the 1/2 price one way awards like Aeroplan and looking at their June availability your looking at 110,000 Dividend Miles round trip and between $170-$190 in fees to either city or 160,000 Miles and the same fees for Business Class to Barcelona