Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Top 5 Travel Rewards Currencies for Canadians

Here are the details from our press release from today:

Not every travel reward program is created equal. With more than 125 travel reward programs available to Canadians, it is little wonder consumers are left scratching their head when trying to determine which is best. Picking the right program is combination of matching individual needs with value.

To help make it easier, Rewards Canada (rewardscanada.ca) best known for our annual ranking of credit card offerings, has determined the overall value of each travel reward program by evaluating Ease of Earning, Ease of Redeeming and Dollar Value. The full feature with complete rankings and background can be found online at www.rewardscanada.ca/top5trc

The top 5 travel reward currencies are:

America Express Membership Rewards Points. Program cannot be beat for its earn and redemption flexibility

Aeroplan Miles. Has something for everyone but really takes flight when converting miles into business or first class flights

RBC Rewards Points. Must have RBC’s Avion card product to get value but rewards can be up to 2.3% of spend

Starwood Preferred Guest Starpoints. Only frequent guest program to make top five but with redemptions values as high as 7% can you say “room service”?

AIR MILES Reward Miles. Canada’s largest frequent shopping program would have ranked higher but recent flight redemption increases knocked it down.

“It’s no secret Canadians rank among the world’s most active travel reward program participants,” said Patrick Sojka, of Rewards Canada. “But determining whether the effort is worth the prize is often an exercise in frustration and worn out calculator keys.”

“This year’s ranking of Canada’s top travel reward currencies attempts to simplify the evaluation process and make it easier to determine a program that’s best for you,” added Sojka.

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I'd love to hear your comments on the Top 5 Travel Rewards Currencies for Canadians!


  1. The most useful thing credit cards could offer to travellers would be an elimination of foreign exchange fees for purchases overseas. Do any Canadian cards offer this? I know some American cards do.

  2. There are four cards in Canada that offer no forex fee, all from Chase. You can read all about why more Canadian cards don't offer this feature here: http://blog.rewardscanada.ca/2014/05/why-no-foreign-transaction-fees-hasnt.html