Lindner Nights: 500 Free Points on your Birthday

free points offer to let you know about! This one doesn’t have a set
link or landing page but if you are a member of Lindner nights you
should get this email as long you gave them your birth date. I received
the email this morning and already clicked through to receive my 500
free points. I now have 2,500 points, all totally free from the Lindner
Nights program. The first 2,000 came from last year’s Lindner Nights: 2,000 Free Points for connecting to Social Media – Enough for a cash + points redemption offer that to the best of our knowledge, was only mentioned on our global site FFB (and of course a mention here on Rewards Canada).

that I have 2,500 points you can see that it opens up even more options
for Cash+Points redemptions based on Lindner nights current redemption offers:

may not be dream redemption options but considering the 2,500 points to
date have been free and these options see the price of rooms in these
locations drop from over EUR100 per night to under EUR30 you can see how
even some ‘small’ free point opportunities can be used to save you

Have you received the birthday points from
Lindner Nights? Let us know and also if you have redeemed any of these
points yet for one of their cash+points options!