Thursday, September 4, 2014

IHG Rewards Club's Into the Nights now live - Earn up to 50,000 Bonus Points, 10,000 Bonus Miles or 2 Free Nights

Back on Tuesday we gave you a preview of IHG Rewards Club's newest promotion called Into the Nights (aka The Big Win in the past) and that it would launch today. Well the time has come and the promotion is now open for registration and booking. I had some issues logging in but after sometime and a few tries I was able to access my offer. There are different variations for IHG Rewards Club members so I encourage you to comment below with the offer you received so that we can keep track of all the different offers. My offer was pretty simple compared to some others I've seen posted:

I simply have to complete 2 offers at which point I can choose to receive the 50,000 points or 2 free nights. Now if we take Pointbreaks into account the 50,000 could be worth 10 free nights but then again if there are no limitations on the 2 free nights as to which hotels they can be used at those could be worthwhile for a stay(s) at some of the more expensive InterContinental Hotels. The one thing I noticed however with my dashboard is that it doesn't state what offer I actually have to complete! So it does appear IHG is still having some technical issues with the launch of this promotion.

Offer Details
Earn up to 50,000 Bonus IHG Rewards Club Points or 2 Free Nights for complete IHG Hotel stays Worldwide and completing other activities with IHG Rewards Club's Into the Night promotion. Full details, online registration and booking (Registration is required) Until Dec 31, 14


  1. Not likely to be something I do. 31,200 for doing all 3 of: (1) Stay 6 night(s); (2) Stay 2 Saturdays; and (3) Book 1 stays using the Bonus Points Package with breakfast rate

  2. That isn't a very good offer! Do you stay at IHG Hotels a lot? It seems like the people who do not stay at IHG a lot have easier to achieve offers whereas the very loyal IHG Rewards Club members are getting very tough offers!

  3. I don't stay a lot, but I did do the big win promotion earlier this year, so that may be what is going on. Too bad, as I have a 5 night conference in NOLA at the end of October, so I was hoping there would be something good (and that I could convince my spouse hotel hopping was worthwhile!)

  4. I received the exact same page as you, but likewise there are no offers posted yet to receive the points. Guess it's best to wait a few days till hopefully it's sorted out.