Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Rewards Canada's 6th Annual Canada's Top Travel Rewards Credit Card rankings

Today on we posted our sixth annual picks for Canada's top travel rewards credit cards. We have combed over 80 different credit cards offering travel rewards for Canadians and of those there are a few that really stand out. While it is practically impossible to give this question a perfect one card answer, we can breakdown the market of Canadian Travel Rewards credit cards into five major categories that these cards fall into.

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For the complete article, details on each card plus runners up in each category please visit the full Canada's Top Travel Rewards Credit Card for 2014 page on the Rewards Canada website.

Care to comment on our choices? Want to voice your opinion on the good and the bad of all the Travel Rewards Credit Cards in Canada. Share you views and experiences by leaving a comment below.

Gold Rewards Card


  1. There should be a ranking of ease-of-redemption. Some of these cards allow you to put the redemption amount as dollars towards an item that's been purchased, but others force you to book through special closed-off sites which might not have the deals or options that you could otherwise find online.

  2. Watch for a post coming soon on that exact topic! We covered it a few years ago and now it's time to revisit the topic! (The Infographic is done, I'm just writing the post about it)

  3. Nice! I look forward to reading it. We went from RBC Avion to TD First Class just because the redemption was so much easier. RBC was points to table of rewards to Travelocity (and it excluded taxes and fees), whereas TD was points to cash redeemable to Expedia. We ended up swapping the Avion points to BA Avios during a transfer bonus and killing the card.

  4. Before I get the new one ready, you can check out the old chart and notes here:

  5. As someone who does a lot of foreign travel, I am looking for a card that does not charge the 2.5% foreign exchange Service Charge on all foreign purchases. For this reason, among others, the Chase Bank Marriott Visa is the best Hotel Card that charges an annual fee and the Chase Bank Sears Financial is the best all-purpose Master Card that has no annual fee. I would like to see a greater emphasis on this very important and costly feature in your next evaluation of credit cards.

  6. Hi Robert

    We definitely take into account the no forex fee when ranking the cards but it is an overall look on all rewards, benefits, insurances etc. For example if the Marriott card had a stronger insurance package it would definitely be in 2nd spot but Chase chose not to spend the money on insurance but rather on the no forex fee.

    The Sears card is great (and is awesome for Cathay Pacific Asia Miles) but in that category the other cards have more insurance, stronger rewards and better booking options (ie not limited to booking via Sears travel) so that is why it doesn't rank in the top 5. Once again its all about looking at all factors.

  7. Has anyone had experience with Amex's Business Platinum Card? It is quite different from their other Platinum Card especially in it's fee - it's about $399 vs $699 and doesn't charge a forex fee which is attractive to me.

  8. The only differences appear to be as follows:
    - No $200 annual travel credit with the Business Version
    - Priority Pass is the basic membership with the Business Version, a US$300 dollar difference (the consumer version has the highest membership level)