Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hyatt Regency Calgary goes above and beyond for a birthday stay!

What has become routine for the Rewards Canada kids is to celebrate their birthdays without large birthday parties where everyone in their class needs to be invited but rather spend time with family either on vacation or as a staycation. The staycation part started last year when both my girls got to stay at the Hyatt Regency Calgary
 for their birthdays. It was one stay for the both of them whose birthdays are one month apart. At that time we told the employee working at check in that we were their celebrating their birthdays and not too long after checking in, milk and cookies were delivered to our room for their birthday.

Not going on vacation this year during either one of our girl’s birthdays meant a staycation celebration and this time we did two visits to the Hyatt Calgary to celebrate each birthday separately. For the first stay in early February I put in the reservation notes that we were staying at the hotel once again to celebrate our older daughter’s birthday. Those notes apparently didn’t do anything to our reservation but when I mentioned it to the polite young man working the check in desk he made sure that milk and cookies were sent up to the room. For this first stay both the hot tub and steam Room were closed for renovations (apparently an emergency repair turned into them renovating them). A little disappointing since we didn’t get advance notice, the man at check in asked if I got the email announcing this but we had not. We were offered access to the Marriott’s Pool and Hot Tub if we liked but after we checked it out with the walk and all we decided to just hit the pool at the Hyatt and forego my wife’s favorite part of the hot tub and steam room. It was these repairs that stemmed a tweet from me to the Hyatt Calgary prior to our second birthday stay asking if the hot tub and steam room were open again and the response was that the hot tub was but the steam room wouldn’t be ready. That was good enough, so I booked our stay and tweeted Hyatt Calgary back stating we booked the stay for our daughter’s birthday. The conversation then continued and the Hyatt Calgary stated they wanted to do something for her birthday.

We were thinking milk and cookies were on tap again!

We checked in a little after 3pm on the Saturday of our stay, check in was painless and easy which was the opposite of the parking situation (they were cleaning the parkade, so no complaints about that). We were handed our keys with Regency Club access for our stay in room 2011. We were above the Regency Club floor and I had asked for a room on the Club floor but was told there was no availability and we soon found out why.

We tapped the key on our door and my wife and youngest daughter entered the room first and all I heard were happy squeals! Why? Well there weren’t milk and cookies but balloons, flowers and gift basket waiting for our Birthday girl! To say the team at the Hyatt Regency Calgary went above and beyond is an understatement!
What a surprise!

Not only that we got one of the best rooms yet for all our stays (outside of a Suite upgrade once), a corner room with a view of the Calgary Tower and more.

Room 2011 decorated for the birthday girl!

The special treatment didn’t end there, later in the evening, Jeff in the Regency Club also went out of his way and had chocolate covered strawberries sent up for us!
Hyatt Regency Calgary - Regency Club Lounge

Here’s our thanks to the Hyatt Calgary for making a little girl's birthday weekend an astounding one!

Hotel Details:
Hyatt Regency Calgary

Hyatt Gold Passport Category: 3

Points required for a free night:
12,000 Gold Passport Points (Standard Room)
17,000 Gold Passport Points (Regency / Club Room)
20,000 Gold Passport Points (Suite)

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