Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Aeroplan's first Distinction only reward flights revealed

When Aeroplan announced the Distinction program last June one of the benefits touted was the 'Distinction Only' reward flights. Similar in vain to the occasional CIBC Aerogold only flights these flights are for Aeroplan Distinction members only (100% of the plane is reserved for dSilver, dBlack or dDiamond members at Aeroplan ClassicFlight redemption levels).

We are pleased to pass along the news that Aeroplan has released the first batch of Distinction only flights and much to our surprise they are not Toronto-centric like the CIBC Aerogold flights of past! The flights cannot be booked online, you have to call 1-877-341-9730 to book and the good news is there are not phone in fees on the flights. To learn more about these flights click here.

The first flights have departures from Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver and are as follows:

Calgary-Los Angeles: March 24-28, 2014

Montreal-Orlando: March 5-12, 2014

Montreal-Cancun: March 4-11, 2014

Ottawa-Orlando: March 12-19, 2014

Toronto-Orlando: March 12-19, 2014

Toronto-Cancun: March 11-18, 2014

Vancouver-Los Angeles: March 24-28, 2014

Overall these are decent offers considering you can redeem at the lowest possible mileage level for either Economy or Business Class on all the flights for every seat. Are you going to jump on board for any of these flights?


  1. March 12th to March 19th for travel from Toronto to Orlando. That's Wednesday to Wednesday! Most kids only get a week off for March break, and it doesnt run from a Wednesday to a Wednesday. Nice try.

    CIBC did it MUCH better when they offered a plane dedicated to their card holders and offered it from Saturday to Saturday, which is when most people travel over the March Break.

    Once again, these programs just keep getting "better."

    I would love to hear DISTINCTION's explanation for this.

  2. Nothing from Kelowna, the twelth busiest airport in Canada...

  3. No unfortunately not. Only the 'five' biggest AC cities this time for these awards. Hopefully Aeroplan will provide these type of flights to other cities in the future!

  4. Looks like they excluded the Atlantic provinces as well.......what about St. John's airport? Aren't they busy enough? Guess we have to pay for flights to Montreal or Toronto in order to get aeroplan seats now, hmmm, not off to a good start in my books, thanks CIBC for this weird move on your part.

  5. Good luck in booking a beach front condo from Wed to Wed. Given it's the peak travel period, nobody is going to rent their condo with out requiring the full two weeks payment. Hotel would be fine, beach condo, not so.

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