Monday, January 27, 2014

Aeroplan changes mileage accrual rates for flights on United Airlines

Aeroplan announced last Friday that the miles earned for flying on United Airlines is changing.  The changes, while not huge, will impact many Aeroplan members negatively as discounted economy class tickets move from 100% miles to 50% miles as of April 1st. Here are all the changes:

The good news, for the few that do so,  is that you'll earn more miles for flying in full fare economy or business class. For most Canadians (ie those that don't their employers buying full fare tix and/or those whole only travel a few times a year) this isn't good news. Ultimately this aligns the earning on United flights with the Aeroplan miles earned on Air Canada's Transborder flights.

Here is the Aeroplan mileage earning chart for flying on United:

As usual we'd love to hear what your thoughts are on these changes!


  1. Aeroplan after the briefest of pauses, resumes the race to the bottom.

  2. Is it even worth chasing Elite anymore? Pay for upgrades, harder to qualify with reduced earnings? I'll chase the cheapest faires rather than sticking with one Alliance so I can get status.

  3. Only for some! For most Canadians, even those who fly semi-frequently it can be better to get a credit card that offers travel benefits like lounge access etc. instead of going for the low end elite levels which really don't offer much.

  4. This unannounced change is a shameful and underhanded slight to loyal North American travelers using the Star Alliance network. I will be strongly re-evaluating whether to change to another airline with a better loyalty program and a more far-reaching network than Air Canada. I only found out about this change when half the expected miles were credited to my account.