Monday, December 16, 2013

Air Miles: 500 Bonus Rewards Miles for a $200 Safeway purchase!

Over the weekend I received an email from Canada Safeway with some bonus Air Miles coupons and within a few hours a few of our readers had tweeted and emailed us about it as well. Why is it such a big deal? It is one of the biggest one time shopping bonuses we have ever seen for shopping at Safeway. Normally we see 100 bonus miles for $100 or 300 bonus for $200 or more spent. Well for this week you can earn 200 bonus miles for the $100 or 500 bonus Reward Miles for that $200 or more! I wasn't too sure if this was targeted but it seems to be open based on the response from our readers telling us about it. Just remember to go shopping by December 24!

Earning 2.5 Air Miles per dollar spent is almost unheard of for Air Miles members so this is a huge bonus that comes at the right time, buying groceries for those Christmas dinners! If you don't think you can hit the $200, Rewards Canada reader Randy M suggests to "share the joy" by buying food for a food bank to get you over that $200 and ultimately you can feel good about the Air Miles you earned as you helped out the less fortunate!

To get the bonus miles you have to use a coupon and you can get those here.

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