Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Aeroplan Distinction 2014 Flight and Hotel Bonuses Revealed

Aeroplan's Distinction status continues its expansion with the unveiling of 'Distinction Bonus Offers'. Note that these are different than the Aeroplan bonus mile offers that are offered (see our Aeroplan page for all those offers) I do potentially see some members getting confused with these Distinction Bonus and the Aeroplan bonuses. Just remember that Distinction Bonuses will simply make you reach the various Distinction status levels faster while Aeroplan bonus miles actually add miles to your redeemable miles balance. Looks like we got confused! These are actual Aeroplan Bonus miles based upon your Distinction status. So an eligible flight will earn your base Aeroplan Miles + your Distinction bonus per the chart and status levels listed below (+ any Aeroplan bonus miles if there is a promotion going on). These Distinction bonus miles DO NOT count towards your status for the next year. Also beware of the T&C's attached to the Distinction Bonus earning (see the bottom of the post) All the details can also be found at:

Here is the news from Aeroplan:

We are now unveiling the Air Canada destinations and hotel partners that will allow members with Distinction status to earn even more bonus miles starting January 1, 2014.  Bonuses include:

Air Canada Getaway bonuses

Members with Distinction status will earn up to 1,500 bonus miles per eligible round trip including a Saturday night when travelling with Air Canada to one of more than twenty popular destinations grouped in the following categories:

The number of Distinction bonus miles changes with the member’s Distinction level:

·        dDiamond members: 1,500 Distinction bonus miles per round trip
·        dBlack members: 1,000 Distinction bonus miles per round trip
·        dSilver members: 500 Distinction bonus miles per round trip

Bonus miles for hotel stays
The hotel partners are now confirmed on who will be offering 250 Distinction bonus miles per eligible stay to dDiamond and dBlack members on up to 20 stays per year, for up to a maximum of 5,000 Distinction bonus miles per calendar year.  That’s in addition to the base and bonus miles members earn for each qualifying stay. To be eligible for the Distinction bonus, members must earn miles in the Aeroplan Program at the time of stay. Hotels include:

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, whose network includes over 65 world-renowned luxury establishments;
Marriott, which offers over 3,800 hotels, including more than 17 banners, in over 74 countries;
Starwood Hotels and Resorts, which owns over 1,100 hotels and resorts in close to 100 countries.

T&C's (bolding is by Rewards Canada):

*Must be an eligible Aeroplan Member with Distinction status. You must provide your Aeroplan Number at time of booking or prior to the first departure flight. An eligible roundtrip is defined as having a Saturday night stay occurring at an eligible destination listed on the Aeroplan website. Distinction bonus miles for eligible roundtrips completed will be awarded for new bookings made on or after July 15, 2013, for travel between January 1, 2014, and December 31, 2014. In order to qualify as a new booking, the booking must have been created for the first time with a new booking reference number on or after July 15, 2013. Any booking made prior to July 15, 2013, that is subsequently changed to include travel dates within the qualifying travel period will not be considered a new booking that is eligible for this benefit. Valid on eligible scheduled non-stop flights operated by Air Canada and under the Air Canada Express banner for travel between January 1, 2014, and December 31, 2014, with a Saturday night stay. Not valid on flights operated by Air Canada rouge. Entire reservation must include Air Canada or Air Canada Express flights only. No Air Canada rouge, Star Alliance or other airline segments may appear in the same booking. Distinction bonus miles are awarded based on Distinction status once the last qualifying flight in the booking has been completed. All travel must be completed (all segments flown) before the bonus will be issued. To qualify, the flight segments must be travelled in one of the following fare options: Tango; Flex; Latitude; Executive Class Lowest; Executive Class Flexible; Executive First Lowest; and Executive First Flexible. Valid on published fares and Flight Passes that are eligible for Aeroplan Mile accumulation. Offers are not valid when travelling on an Air Canada Unlimited Flight Pass. To qualify, a minimum of one round-trip or two one-way segments must be on the same reservation. Combining two (2) one-way tickets (with different booking reference numbers) to make a round trip with a Saturday night stay in between them are not eligible to qualify for these bonus miles. Combining two reservations to make a roundtrip with a Saturday night stay is not eligible to qualify for these bonus miles. Multi-city bookings are eligible provided that your Saturday night stay occurs at the eligible destination. In the case of arriving in and departing from different destinations, both must be eligible in order to qualify for these bonus miles. Open-jaw at point of origin is permitted. Stopovers and same-day connections are not eligible. The bonus miles are for each individual passenger in the booking provided that they each have Distinction status, and that each Aeroplan Number was provided at time of booking or prior to the first flight departure. These Distinction bonus miles do not qualify towards Distinction status. Distinction bonus miles are not Altitude Qualifying Miles and do not count towards Air Canada Altitude status. Bonus miles will be credited up to three (3) weeks after the qualifying flights are completed. Distinction bonus miles cannot be retroactively credited. Aeroplan Flight Rewards are not eligible for mileage accumulation. Offer and list of eligible destinations are subject to change at Air Canada’s sole discretion without notice and other conditions and restrictions may apply. Please visit aeroplan.com regularly as eligible destinations may change during the same calendar year.

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