Thursday, May 16, 2013 gets even better: now offering frequent guest earning benefits at select hotels, one the sponsors of my FFB8: The 8th Anniversary contest sent out an email last night detailing some exciting enhancements coming to the hotel booking site on Monday. As featured here on Rewards Canada back in October, is a service that awards a hefty amount of miles or points for booking hotels via their online booking engine.

At the time I mentioned that most stays booked via did not offer frequent guest points or elite qualification as is the case with most third party site booking sites although many hotels would still recognize your status at time of check in. Well that is about to change. If you have used the site over the past month or so you may noticed select hotels had a 'Double Dip' icon  (now rebranded to  'Double Up' which meant you would earn you miles for the booking via and your frequent guest points along with elite qualification. This test proved successful and on Monday will be expanding that offering to around 1,000 hotels in the U.S. from Hyatt, Hilton, Starwood, Marriott and IHG. Now unless there is a significant price difference (which at times it can be) you should be funneling your hotel bookings for any of those 1,000 hotels through so that you can earn even more on your stays. I don't have a list of those hotels but I would suggest you bring up the hotel you want to stay at on the actual hotel brand site and then also spend an extra minute or two to see if offers Double Up and comparable prices for that same location.

Finally, you can expect another new airline partner to be added to later next week bringing their total number of partners to 11.

The more you book through also means the more you earn as they have three mileage earning levels (1 through 3) and as a special offer via to FFB & Rewards Canada readers using our referral link you will receive an automatic 60 day Level 2 upgrade where users earn miles at an accelerated rate (avg of 4-8x per $ depending on hotel) compared to Level 1 users. You will also earn a 250 mile bonus on your first booking made after signing up via the referral link. Just so you know, I will also earn a 250 miles bonus on that first booking of yours for referring you. I thank everyone in advance who joins via my referral link!


  1. Oops, just joined last night using Gary's link and upgraded to Level 2 today, didn't know it's only 60 days (will ask Gary whether his offer is 60 days only too)

  2. Hi Jerry

    I assume Gary got the same email as me from PointsHound so I would think his is only 60 days as well. Let me know what he says