Monday, March 18, 2013

Aeroplan Star Challenge: Where I'm at and where are you at?

The Aeroplan Star Challenge is now officially a week old and I wanted to give all the Rewards Canada readers an update as to where I am at and I would love for you to share where you stand in the 'Star Rankings' and if you are pushing for 50 or 100 (or 0) stars.

For myself and my family we decided to not go gung ho with the Aeroplan Star Challenge this year. It would require a lot more leg work for the four of us since we don't have much flying coming up until the middle of the year and the restrictions placed on retail options make the job of getting the Stars a lot harder and time consuming and I just don't have the time to do it. I may investigate the online shopping option for Gift Cards via the eStore starting tonight but again to do it for 4 people each and every night I just can't be bothered. Here is my 'Star Ranking' as of last night (all social media aspects)

Ouch! I don't think I'm going to get to 100 this year :-)

So that is where I am at with this promotion this year. How about the rest of you?


  1. Good decision to not go crazy over it (which is what Aeroplan wanted and I refused)

    So much work for 20K or 25K Aeroplan @@
    I prefer old ways of getting credit card bonuses or even better, referral bonuses :D

    I do have to give credit to AE, to think of DIFFERENT promotion EVERY YEAR and not repeat

    - Biz for Y/75000 only
    - Star Challenge
    - 20~25% transfer from AMEX MR

    1. @Jerry Hung

      Yes Aeroplan has had quite a few good promotions over the past 12-18 months. Nothing to complain about!

  2. I'm doing pretty good so far. I've hit 53 points and I should be able to hit a 100 before the end of the contest. About 60% of my points are coming from Esso, Home Hardware, Rexall and Indigo (on the Estore). This will all be done without flights.

    1. @Barry Moss

      Good for you! That's awesome. You're making me think I should change my mind and perhaps go for it....

  3. Where do you see your star total? I don't see it anywhere in my Aeroplan account.

    1. After you log in on Aeroplan, click on "Your Account" and it should be a big graphic right on that page

  4. This year's offer of up to 25,000 is better than last year's 16,500.

    I won't have any trouble hitting 100 stars for myself and my wife. I've been planning for a re-do of the Aeroplan Star Challenge since last year. Here's my regimen:

    Groceries at Sobeys: Use the self-scan lane. Buy $10+ on one Sobeys card; buy $10+ on my wife's Sobeys card.
    Gas at Esso: I have a Speedpass dongle for each of us. $10 on one fill; wait a second; $10 on another fill. Take my wife's car out every now and then and gas up her car. Movies and books are a little overpriced, but not much. A few individual purchases there.
    Rexall: Occasional $10+$10 purchases there.
    CIBC Aerogold Visa: 5 points
    Trivia questions, facebook, the odd car rental.

    Should be no problem.

    There's a reason they call this the "Aeroplan Star Challenge", not the "Aeroplan Star Here-You-Go Freebie". I don't sympathize with any of the whining going on out there (not here) about it being too tough. It's a challenge, not a giveaway. - jerry305

    1. @Jerry305
      Thank you for comment and great to hear that you and your wife should hit 100 stars! Yes it is a challenge but it is definitely 'more' challenging than last year, if I wasn't so busy I think I would take more of a crack at it for my family of four but as I mentioned above it may just be me hitting 100.

  5. 32 and 24 stars so far for me and my wife. We are going for the 50 stars level:
    - Esso: Every second day for $20
    - HomeHardware: Anytime I need anything for the house including cleaning stuff
    - eStore: DVD and other stuff
    - Uniprix (Quebec pharmacy chain equivalent to Rexall)
    - Rogers Magazine: A few magazines costs only $10-12/year
    - Facebook: 6 stars so far
    - Visa CIBC Card: 5 stars