Monday, December 17, 2012

Dec 17 Update: Instant Club Carlson Gold Status & Bonus Avios on Hotel Transfers

Another short week in store for bonuses as I will wrapping up Rewards Canada for 2012 on Thursday. Of course any amazing offers or breaking news will be posted here on the blog, Twitter and Facebook during the Christmas break.

News, Tips & Tricks
Philippine Airlines Mabuhay
members will be happy to hear that they will be increasing their service to Toronto from 3x weekly to daily as of January 17, 2013. Source: Airline Route Update
Just in case you missed it earlier today I posted a Credit Card Showdown comparing the American Express Gold Rewards Card and the Scotibank Gold American Express Card. Read about it here

Jet Airways JetPrivilege
members (free to join) can get instant Club Carlson Gold elite status
and while it is supposed to be limited to residents in the Asia Pacific region people are having success signing up for it outside of the requirements simply by using a fake address from the Seychelles or Hong Kong. They are then planning on updating their address on file to their actual one at a future date. I am already Club Carlson Gold so I don't need to try this but if any of you do please report your success or lack there of below in the comments section!

Finally after Aerosvit announced their Double Miles bonus on buying miles (up to 30,000 only?) their latest offer provides a new way to fly Business Class between Toronto and Kiev or Europe for only ~US$1500 with Aerosvit Meridian's Gift Miles. Be warned however, Aerosvit's Business Class is pretty harsh compared to many other airlines and not even as good as some Premium Economy classes! You can do this by gifting 50,000 miles for US$1,500 which will come with 50,000 bonus miles. That 100,000 miles gets the person gifted the miles business class on Aerosvit from North America to any of their destinations served in Europe. Plus what makes the offer even less pretty is that you have to go buy the miles in person from an Aerosvit office. See below for the link. If you do take (dis)advantage of this, Aerosvit is also offering free mileage transfers between relatives until the end of March.

Bonus Offers
Aeroflot Bonus
- 5,000 Extra Bonus Miles for every fifth round-trip flight with Aeroflot on qualifying fares between Moscow and Kiev, Riga, Samara or St. Petersburg. More... Jan 1 - Dec 31, 13

Aerosvit Meridian
- 100% Bonus Meridian Miles when you gift Meridian miles to friends or relatives. More... Until Mar 31, 13

Air China Phoenix Miles
- Double Phoenix Miles Kilometers when you book an Everyone's an Original winter rate at participating Fairmont Hotels Worldwide. More... Until Apr 30, 13

British Airways Executive Club
- 25% Bonus Avios when you convert your hotel loyalty points into Avios. More... Until Jan 13, 13

Carlson Hotels Club Carlson
- Instant Club Carlson Gold Elite Status when you join Club Carlson via this Jet Airways JetPrivilege promotion. More... Until Mar 31, 13 Valid for residents of Asia Pacific region only

Miles & More
- Double Miles & More Miles when you book an Everyone's an Original winter rate at participating Fairmont Hotels Worldwide. More... Until Apr 30, 13

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