Cool New Flight Bonus Offer from Aeroplan – Collect Miles at Airports Around the World

Being so entrenched in the “Bonus Offer” or “Loyalty Promotion” sector of the loyalty business because of my global site and the B2B side of my business developing promotions, I love it when a travel provider comes out with a new type of bonus or a twist on an existing type of bonus. Kudos to Aeroplan for this new offer, while essentially a flight bonus it is not route specific rather, airport specific and the more airports you visit (same or different) during the promotion period the more Aeroplan Miles you will earn!

Here is the offer as pulled from the Rewards Canada Aeroplan page:

Earn up
to 1,500 Bonus Aeroplan Miles

for every take-off or landing at 31 eligible airports
Register Online
(Registration is required)

Earn 500 Bonus Aeroplan Miles at the following airports:

Boston, Chicago, Denver, Edmonton, Halifax, Honolulu, Kingston,
London, ON, Miami, New York (JFK, LGA & EWR), Regina, San
Francisco, Saskatoon, Seattle, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Timmins,
Toronto City Centre Airport, Washington (Reagan) and Winnipeg 

Earn 1,500 Bonus Aeroplan Miles at the following airports:

Bogota, Geneva, Hong Kong, Lima, London, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo
(Narita), Zurich 

To qualify, the flight segments must be travelled for each offer in the
eligible airports in the following fare options (booking classes); for
travel between Canada and the U.S. or within Canada: Tango (N,G,P,E,A), Tango Plus (M,U,H,Q,V,W,S,K,L,T), Latitude (Y,B), Executive Class Lowest (D.Z), Executive Class Flexible (J,C) and for international travel: Tango (K,L,T, N,G,P,E,A), Tango Plus (M,U,H,Q,V,W,S), Latitude (Y,B), Executive First Lowest (C,D,Z), Executive First Flexible (J).