Friday, September 28, 2012

Last day to buy Avianca TACA LifeMiles with a 100% Bonus

Today is the last day to take advantage of the 100% bonus on buying LifeMiles, the frequent flyer currency of Star Alliance member Avianca TACA.

As seen in my post earlier this month when the promo launched here is why this can be a good deal:

The biggest difference this time (and part of July's) is that Avianca TACA is now a member of the Star Alliance. So while before I used to tout this offer as a way to get Lufthansa business class from North America to Europe for $1800, you can now use the miles on any Star Alliance airline. The program also offers one way rewards at exactly half the round trip cost and does not charge fuel surcharges on award tickets.

With business class tickets to Europe going for 100,000 miles and Asia for 120,000 miles you can travel 'luxuriously' for a lot less with this deal. Another great feature of LifeMiles (in fact even better than buying all the miles) is their Cash + Part Points option. This option only requires that you have 40% of the points for a reward (so buy 40% during this 100% bonus period) and then you can buy the rest of the miles (the other 60%) at $12.75 per 1,000 miles or 1.275 cents per mile!

Of course there are always caveats to promos and the one condition for this promo is that you had to be a LifeMiles member before the promotion started. If you are not a member, don't fret, while you can't take advantage of the offer this time the 100% Buy Miles promotion seems to have become a regular staple from the LifeMiles programs just like it has with US Airways Dividend Miles.

Visit LifeMiles for more details.


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