Friday, September 28, 2012

Great Deal Alert: 15,000 Bonus Points at the Leipzig Marriott Hotel

Occasionally I have posted about some great Marriott Rewards earning offers but this one is different. Why is this one is different then some other specific Marriott offers I have posted about? Because this time the rate for the room to earn the bonus points is actually LESS than other rates for the hotel! Usually it is the other way around where the bonus points rate is 5, 10, 50 dollars, euros, pounds more but still worthwhile if the bonus is big enough.

So what is the offer? The offer is for 15,000 Bonus Marriott Rewards points for a 2 night stay at the Leipzig Marriott Hotel in Germany. When I searched a 2 night stay, Oct 17-19 using the promo code M11 which is for the 15,000 points the rate came up at EUR109 per night. The next closest rate was the AAA rate at EUR132 and the standard rate was EUR139. So not only are you saving at least EUR23 per night you are also gaining the 15K points! I also tried November 14 -16 and once again it was cheaper than all standard rares although the non-cancelable, non-refundable, payment up front, book 21 days in advance rate was cheaper by EUR 5 per night. In that case, I would still take the bonus points rate as the return on 15,000 points is way better than the EUR10 savings and you don't have all the conditions attached to it.

Oct 17-19 Rates

Rate Rules

Nov 14-16 Rates

Those 15,000 points will get you a free night in a Category 3 hotel or even a point saver at a Category 4 hotel which the Leipzing Marriott is set at. So if things work out for you, you are essentially getting a free night after your 2 night stay. I'd love to know if anyone will be taking advantage of this offer, let me know below in the comments. Oh and by the way the Bonus Points rate is fully cancelable until the date of check in.

For complete details or to book this offer please visit the Offer Page for the Leipzig Marriott Hotel


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