Thursday, August 9, 2012

American Express TripFlex online point redemption now available

Following in the footsteps of Capital One's Aspire cards that allow you to redeem points for any travel put on the card via an online process, American Express now has the feature as well.

When I logged into my Amex account earlier this week I was surprised to see a new link under my card details "Use points for qualified transactions"

So of course I clicked on the link and it took me the Membership Rewards portion of Amex's site with a listing of travel purchases from the last three months to which you can assign points to get a credit against that charge. Transactions between 3 and 12 months old still require you to call in to redeem points against.

Funny thing is that $2.78 charge is from the Starbucks in the Westin Calgary but the Westin bills it so it becomes a travel charge!

Being a huge fan of my American Express Gold Rewards Card this enhancement is a great new feature for the card and makes the redemption process that much easier (not that calling in was hard but in this day and age many of us prefer to do things ourselves, online of course!). TripFlex is part of any American Express Card that offer Membership Rewards points so this includes the previously mentioned Gold Rewards Card plus The Platinum Card from American Express and the business and corporate versions of those cards. This is just one of a few positive changes I know of that has happened recently with Membership Rewards with the other being the increased redemption ratio to British Airways Executive Club and soon there will be another airline partner for redemption but I cannot release that information yet!

Overall what do think of this new feature to Membership Rewards? Will you make use of it? Let us know by commenting below.


  1. Looks great, but it seems that transferring to Aeroplan for flights is a much (much!) better deal. Am I missing something?

    1. In terms of rate of return yes the transfer to Aeroplan is better but many people look for flexibility in redemptions, partial redemptions etc plus we all know the issues with Aeroplan and availability at the lowest reward levels!