Thursday, June 14, 2012

Earn up to 3,700 Aeroplan Miles for a $100 Best Western Stay (Quadruple Dip Baby!!)

You may recall my post from last week about earning 1,500 Bonus Aeroplan miles for every $100 Best Western Travel Card purchased and how it could be used as part of coveted triple dip. Well that has been further expanded to an extremely rare quadruple dip with the latest promotion release from Aeroplan and Best Western! What follows is an explanation on how to earn up to 3,700 Aeroplan miles for a $100 Best Western stay with this Quadruple dip

Here is the scenario, I am going to buy a $100 BW Travel Card on my American Express Gold Rewards Card and use that for a Best Western stay that comes in at the $100 mark:

Dip #1: Purchase a $100 Best Western Travel Rewards card with my American Express Gold Rewards Card which will earn 2 Points per dollar as it is travel purchase. Those 2 points can be converted to Aeroplan at 1:1 so I effectively earn 200 Aeroplan miles. If you hold other Aeroplan cards you will earn between 50 - 150 Aeroplan miles depending on the card.
Dip #2: Earn the 1,500 Bonus Aeroplan Miles for purchasing the $100 Travel Card
Dip #3: Book and Stay on a mileage or point qualifying rate at any Best Western. Once completed I will earn 250 Aeroplan miles as the standard stay bonus
Dip #4: Earn 1,750 Bonus Aeroplan Miles as part of the Best Western/Aeroplan summer stay promotion.

Total Aeroplan miles earned is 3,700! Not bad for a $100 stay. If you are lucky enough you may even find some hotels below the $100 mark and have some money left over on your BW Travel Card however with it being summer season I don't figure there will be many below the $100 range, chance are they will be around the $120-$160 mark. If that is the case you can put the remaining balance of $20-$60 on your Aeroplan earning credit card or even better buy more BW Travel Cards as you will earn 1,500 Miles for every $100 purchased.

Here are the links to the two bonus promotions:

Travel Card purchase:
1,500 Bonus Aeroplan Miles for every $100 BW Travel Card purchased. Full details Until Jun 30,12


Bonus Miles for Summer Stays 1,750 Bonus Aeroplan Miles per stay at participating Best Western hotels Worldwide. Bonus can be earned on a maximum of 3 stays.. Full details, Online Registration and Booking (Registration is required) Jun 17 - Aug 19, 12



  1. Hi,

    Just wondering if you can use the 'virtual' gift cards that are available for purchase on BW's website? Also, would you be able to do 3 separate 1 day stays using 3 gift cards (and change) to boost this up to 10400 AP miles?

    1. The Virtual Cards do work with this promo.

      If all three of those 1 day stays are consecutive and at the same hotel they will only count as one stay. The Hotel programs instilled this rule many years ago to curtail people racking up bonus/elite qualifying stays/etc. by checking in/out at the same hotel on consecutive days. That is why it is pretty common to now see hotel hopping. You stay at one location one night switch to another location the next and back to the original location on the third night etc... Not very practical if you are on vacation with family but totally doable on business trips (and that is usually who is hotel hopping, businessmen/women!)