Sunday, May 13, 2012

WestJet makes further enhancements to its WestJet Rewards Program

This past Wednesday saw WestJet make further positive enhancements to their WestJet Rewards frequent flyer program. This newest enhancement shows WestJet’s push make to their FFP more competitive and attractive not only to semi frequent leisure traveler but to frequently flying business travelers. The change further rewards members with tier spending bonuses over and above existing tier bonuses and jetaway bonuses.

What is the newest enhancement? It is a $25 WestJet dollar bonus that is awarded after every $1,500 in WestJet spending that is not capped like the other bonuses. The program retains the $35 bonus at the first $1,500 in spending but every $1,500 after that will see the $25 bonus with no limit on how many times that can be earned in your 12 month earning period. To see how much you can now earn with the program I have attached the following graph from WestJet’s website:

The past 8 months have seen WestJet make real strides to turn their program into a true frequent flyer program and not one that was almost solely reliant on their credit card relationship with RBC. I believe WestJet has figured out that running a loyalty program is not a marketing expense but rather a profit center. When I first met with WestJet upon the launch of their program back in 2010 I was told they did not want to spend much on the program (hence the implication they originally thought of it as a cost center), they wanted it to be revenue neutral (which is still should be) and my impression was that they wanted RBC to pay for most of the WestJet dollars doled out.. But as WestJet grows and their partnerships grow with airlines like Delta, American, and more recently Korean Air they seem to be realizing the potential of having a full fledged reward program and with this latest enhancement they are starting to reward their frequent flyers handsomely.

What else is in store for WestJet’s rewards program? We’ll have to wait and see but I predict some hotel partners will come onboard soon (I would think IHG first), more airline earning partnerships outside of Delta Airlines and perhaps, just perhaps, the ability to redeem those hard earned WestJet dollars for business class flights on their partners that offer premium cabins.

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  1. Add August where Westjet just eliminated the World Mastercard, bumped up the price to $99 but added the companion ticket. Now compare this to Alaskan who is $75 with the same-ish offer. A new review should be done as I'm not sure this is such a great offer now.