Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aeroplan lauches Digital Media Store

The first of its kind in Canada, Aeroplan has launched a Digital Media Store where members can use their Aeroplan Miles to download eBooks, Music, apps, games and more.

Members simply redeem their miles on the Aeroplan rewards site at,
then with the PIN code received in their confirmation email, go to to
register their new account, add credits to their account, and start downloading and enjoying content in

Currently, Aeroplan Media Store rewards are offered in bundles of 25, 50, or 100 credits,
and provide access to the following:
· eBooks – A catalogue of over 150,000 eBook titles that will be compatible with most eBook
readers, tablets and smart phones.
· Music – More than 3 million MP3s to choose from.
· Mobile Games / Apps Members can select from thousands of today’s most popular gaming
titles and apps as well as ring tones, wallpapers and more.
· Facebook Credits – Media Store credits can be converted directly in Facebook Credits loaded
directly into members’ Facebook accounts in real time.

Once again Aeroplan is expanding their catalog and this new feature should be a good addition especially for the younger crowd who may joining Aeroplan, not as a frequent flyer program but as a frequent shopper programs. I see this being popular with the University and High School crowds but by having things like eBooks and Music Aeroplan has not forgotten about their primary market of people between 25-60. This new media store is a good option on both ends of the redemption spectrum, in that it will appeal to those who don't have or may never have enough miles to redeem for a flight while it will also see usage from those members who have more miles than they know what to do with them.

This media store is similar to one run by The First Club which provides digital media stores for some non-Canadian based loyalty programs like Voila Hotel Rewards.

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