Thursday, December 22, 2011

Air Canada 2013 Top Tier Program Announced

Just a few days after the release of the changes/benefit packages for the people who qualified for 2012 Top Tier Status, Air Canada has announced the 2013 Top Tier Program, primarily the qualifying criteria and key benefits for each tier. Speaking of tiers, Air Canada is moving to a 5 tier model from the everlasting 3 tier model (Prestige, Elite, Super Elite) and the qualifying criteria for the 5 levels are as follows:
25,000 Status Miles or 25 Segments
35,000 Status Miles or 35 Segments
50,000 Status Miles or 50 Segments
75,000 Status Miles or 75 Segments
100,000 Status Miles or 95 Segments

Some other key changes include the loss of Star Alliance Gold Status at 35,000 Status Miles, that now requires 50,000 Status Miles. Instead you will receive Star Alliance Silver Status at 35,000.

For complete details on the 2013 Top Tier Program  please visit this page on Air Canada

They have also set up an FAQ for the new program


  1. The only thing that kept me flying the ridiculous airline of Air Canada (I can always get a government bailout so who cares!) was the elite status that allowed the occasional upgrade to business, and made flying with AC worthwhile!! I am fed up with AC and there constant changing of there benefits and programs. I will definitely flying on new airlines to Asia, can't wait to fly Cathay again. Let's hope that AC comes to its senses before many customers like myself migrate to much better airlines!!!

  2. Why the continued myth-making of AC being a continual recipient of government bailouts? The only bailout AC has received since privatization was a short-term (quickly and fully repaid) during the peak of the financial crisis in 2009.

    How are you going to get status on Cathay for upgrades faster than AC?

  3. I like cathay.. redeemed my asia miles to fly to australia (here now). Didn't much like the $500 fuel surcharge on redemption tho. Hardly ever flew Air Canada, I'm amassing so many aeroplan points currently, hopefully it is worthy of maintaining. I flew Air Korea in sept, in my opinion, currently one of the best air lines. Almost all asia pacific airlines are amazing. Singapore, Malaysia, JAL, Cathay and Air Korea.

  4. i agree with the first poster. they brag they are the best NA business airliner *skytrak*, they they are only a three star. used to i always flew AC, not who is the cheapest, most convenient. their loss

  5. AC now charged for second baggage to Asia destinations. Other Asian still offer 2 free checked baggage. Who would fly with AC anyway ?.

  6. Only makes sense to get an Aegean Miles and Bonus Card. Get Star Alliance Gold much sooner and way more points for flying business class. Miles earned can be used for all Star Alliance partners.

  7. What a joke - the only real benefit to AC Elite was the Star Alliance Gold. By raising the bar from 35,000 to 50,000 miles for this benefit, AC once again demonstrates how they keep changing the rules even to their most loyal flyers. If this is implemented, I will definitely stop aiming to fly AC to obtain status and just fly the cheapest since the benefits will be the same.

  8. So, essentially they raised the requirements for elite status to 50K. Why add the 2 other levels - who does Air Canada think they are kidding...

  9. Air Canada is a joke. I have flown 38,000 miles with them this year, mostly out of Toronto, and now they are cutting off the lounge access in Toronto for my elite status. that is the biggest reason I even bothered! awful way to treat their so called high value customers. I hope someone at AC reads this ... the reason people hate flying with you is because of how you treat people. case in point !

  10. I agree so mad at AC right now. Flew over xmas on ac instead of cheaper airline just to get 35K, and now it doesn't even matter. Nice of them to announce the changes after the year was done.

    AC is the worst!

  11. AC doesn't seem to really want the business traveler that does between 25,000 - 45,000. The direct flights to Hong Kong and Shanghai have sky rocketed in the last 2 weeks and that is where I got most of my miles from. Cathay treats you a hole lot better then AC but they have terrible flight times.

    Oh well, So long Air Canada.