Capital One launches dedicated Rewards site

Holders of the Capital One Aspire Travel™ World MasterCard® and Capital One® Aspire Travel™ Platinum MasterCard® now have their own dedicated rewards site for the Reward Miles they earn on the cards. The site provides cardholders information on how and where they can redeem their miles (I know this was a complaint for those looking to get the card as originally the Capital One site did not provide much information on this). It also allows cardholders to redeem their miles against the travel charges put onto their cards from any travel vendor. This is a feature I really like and not many other travel anywhere cards are offering this feature yet (TD, Amex, Diners you have to call in to redeem points against your travel charges). Some do have online booking engines like BMO’s Elite World MasterCard but the difference with them is that you have to book with them and not with whomever you like.

For non-cardholders they provide a demo on the site as to how it works and it looks quite plain and simple. I applaud Capital One for taking this step in addressing cardholder and non-cardholders concerns with wanting more information on the redemption process. To visit the new rewards site for Capital One please click here.

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