Delta SkyMiles eliminates mileage expiry

Finally some good news coming out of an frequent flyer program! Delta announced today that they have eliminated their mileage expiry rules. Simply put this means SkyMiles don’t expire. Delta is now the only major U.S. carrier, North America actually, without mileage expiration.

The question that will now be raised, is will other airlines follow suit? I think we will definitely see a couple of the other majors do so in the U.S. but I am not too sure about Air Canada and WestJet as they tend not to follow trends in the U.S. that do not benefit their bottom line. Ultimately though, this will help out Delta’s bottom line as they may actually see some defection and new customers to their program. This will primarily be seen on the lower end with those who avoid joining travel rewards programs as before they would not earn enough miles within the expiration period to redeem for something worthwhile.

You can see Delta’s membership rules here stating that miles no longer expire