Air Canada to stop awarding Aeroplan Miles for online bookings

The bonus Aeroplan miles that members have earned for booking flights online at over the past few years will come to an end on February 15, 2011. While the bonus was not huge for many of the fares unless you bought really expensive business class flights (1 Bonus Aeroplan Mile for every $3 spent on Tango fares, for every $2 spent on Tango Plus fares, for every $1 spent on Latitude, and Executive Class fares) it does take away the nice triple dip feature that members could take advantage of to earn some extra miles. Now, when you fly Air Canada with tickets booked after February 15th you will only be able to double dip, that is, you will earn the actual flight miles and the miles/points on your credit card if you use a rewards credit card for the purchase.

Source: Air Canada