Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Air Canada / Aeroplan formally launch Million Mile Program

Air Canada's top frequent flyers are finally going to receive the recognition they have been asking for for many years. Aeroplan members who have earned one million or more status miles by flying with Air Canada and Air Canada Jazz will be recognized. The miles must have been earned from the inception of Air Canada''s Top Tier program (circa 1988) and does not include miles earned before that. Full details are not yet known and according to an Air Canada spokesman, all the terms and conditions will only be released to those who qualify.

Garnering information from two frequent flyer forums where there are members who are qualifying it appears that at the 1MM mile mark you receive a beautiful wooden box, Recognition Letter, Special Edition Reduced Model of an AC777-300ER, 2 x SWU,2 x SSWU upgrade coupons, AC SE Membership Card and Luggage Tags with a 1 Million Miles Logo. As well it appears you receive lifetime elite status regardless of miles flown. This of course could vary per person depending on the total number of miles as one Super Elite has stated you get lifetime Super Elite status if you have flown 3 million or more miles with AC and AC Jazz.

We will keep you up to date as more information comes out!

Aug 13 Update:
Here is a post from FlyerTalk by Air Canada's own Ben Smith with a few more details:

"We've had this program in the works for some time and as a result of your feedback and suggestions to me, my team and the entire company we made the decision to fast track the launch ahead of 2011 renom.

There are 3 levels to the program. 1, 2 and 3 million miles flown on AC/Jazz since the start of the status program.

1MM = Lifetime Elite status for member + exclusive benefits/gift unique to this status level

2MM = Lifetime Elite status for member + Lifetime Elite status for a nominated partner + exclusive benefits/gifts unique to this status level

3MM = Lifetime Super Elite status for member + Lifetime Elite status for a nominated partner + exclusive benefits/gifts unique to this status level

Those who have qualified will be receiving their individual personalized packages in the coming weeks. In the coming months we have additional functionality rolling out to facilitate the ability to track your progress toward achieving status in these new programs.

Thanks again for your feedback and continued loyalty."

For more details on what members are receiving and talking about please read the following threads:
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  1. I have just received my box et al. What a wonderful surprise! It is exactly as described above.

  2. I received my box today and can confirm it is as described. A really pleasant and unexpected surprise. I applaud Air Canada for its decision to recognise its long time loyal customers.

  3. I just got mine too. Nice idea (especially the lifetime status part!) but ... the wooden box is an environmental non-starter. Such a waste of money. And I have asked no less than five Air Canada staff for details about this program in the past few days and NO ONE has ever heard of it ... seems AC needs to do a better job of communicating the existence of this effort.

  4. I was wondering why segments haven't been a qualifying criteria as well as miles? To qualify for any level you can do it on status miles or segments.
    I do it mostly on segments on shorter flights i.e. YQR-YYC etc.
    I would suggest something like 1000 segments = 1 M miles seeing as that is approx the level they let you get SE each year. (95 segments or 100,000 status miles)

  5. Excited for this... i called to find out why i was SE on the website after flying 34k last year, i was expecting to find out it's a glitch and what a nice suprise... box in the mail apparently.

  6. Does anyone know how an Aeroplan member can determine how many miles they have travelled over the years? In other words, how soon they expect to reach the one million mile mark?

  7. agreed.. it would nice to have a way to know how many total miles one has accumulated....

    any idea if this information could be avaiable anywhere?

  8. I made the 2 millions mark and got all the gifts and benefits

    Very Happy ;)


  9. Will it include all of the status miles or just the miles flown on Air Canada?

    I fly on partner airlines a lot.

  10. The program only looks at miles flown on Air Canada and Air Canada Jazz. It does not include partner airlines.

  11. Has anyone discovered how to find out how we know how many miles we have today to qualify?

  12. All you have to do is call Air Canada. They will give you your miles on the phone.

  13. I have earned my million miles (confirmed by AC), but was told by Air Canada that I would hear something in the spring 2011!! NOT! Has anyone heard anymore this year about this million mile program?

  14. Can somebody post the actual rules for the 1,000,000 miles program? Does an AC four digits flight number (i.e. code share on Lufthansa plane) counts?
    What about miles accumulated on Canadian ?

  15. From what I know only miles that were flown on Air Canada or Air Canada Jazz count. Code shares on LH or other partners do not count.

    Not entirely sure on Canadian Airlines though. If I find anything out I will post it here.

  16. Million Miles status has not been updated on regular basis. AC needs to do much better job communicating details of this program.

  17. I received my box a couple years ago but it arrived, believe it or not, with no wings. Bit a a faux pas Id say.