Air Canada 2010 Top Tier Program Details

Air Canada and Aeroplan released the details of their 2010 Top Tier program today. For the first time in many years, it seems it is being met with cheers rather then jeers from some of Air Canada’s Top Flyers. It appears that Air Canada has listened to them and made changes to some of the issues the Top Tier members had with the program. Here are some highlights:

– The 30% premium on IKK redemption (Super Elite Special Access to Aeroplan Reward Seats/J Priority Rewards) will be removed. This was put in place for 2009 and received a lot of negative feedback from Super Elites.

– Super Elites will be able to designate immediate family members who will be able to travel, unaccompanied by the member, on any international J Priority Rewards. Previously the member had to travel on the same reservation

– The J Priority Rewards are subject to capacity controls. According to Air Canada this will only affect a small number of flights typically during peak travel periods.

– Top Tier Upgrade remain relatively unchanged including the ability to upgrade from Tango Plus M and U fare classes.

– Electronic Upgrades are being developed so that paper certificates will not have to be carried. Not set date yet though.

– Air Canada/Aeroplan are evaluating a potential lifetime status program. Details will be communicated to those who qualify.

– Tier bonuses remain the same except now you can also earn them on United and Continental as of Jan 1, 2010, for example 100% (Super Elite), 50% (Elite), and 25% (Prestige) bonus

– seat selection privileges and 2011 re-qualification all remain the same.

You can find all the details on the 2010 Aeroplan Top Tier Program on the Aeroplan Website