WestJet expands service to Mexico

WestJet has announced quite a major expansion to Mexico for the upcoming winter season. It appears one of the reasons behind this expansion was the termination of the contract between Air Transat and WestJet. These flights will continue to allow WestJet to maximize the utilization of its fleet during the winter months and provides many smaller Canadian cities with service to Mexico that would not normally receive direct non-stop service. The new routes are as follows (day of week is in parenthesis):

Abbotsford-Puerto Vallarta (Sa)

Comox-Puerto Vallarta (Sa)

Hamilton-Cancun (Sa)

Kelowna-Cabo San Lucas (Fr)
Kelowna-Cancun (Sa)
Kelowna-Puerto Vallarta (Su)

Moncton-Cancun (Sa)

Montreal-Cancun (WeSa)

Prince George-Puerto Vallarta (Sa)

Regina-Cabo San Lucas (We)
Regina-Cancun (Su)
Regina-Mazatlan (Mo)
Regina-Puerto Vallarta (Tu)

Saskatoon-Cancun (Sa)
Saskatoon-Mazatlan (Fr)
Saskatoon-Puerto Vallarta (Th)

Toronto-Cancun (xThSu)

Vancouver-Puerto Vallarta (TuFr)

Victoria-Cancun (Sa)
Victoria-Puerto Vallarta (Su)

Winnipeg-Cancun (MoFr)