Air Canada to Guarantee Lowest Fares

Air Canada has launched a new campaign to guarantee you will get the lowest fare for their flights within Canada or to the U.S.

From the Aircanada website:
“If you find a lower fare for the exact same Air Canada itinerary with another Canadian online travel retailer within 24 hours of completing a purchase on, Air Canada will offer you a credit of $50 plus the fare difference, per passenger.”

I believe some people may make use of this however you must meet the following criteria which may make it too bothersome for most to follow up on (and I would think this is what Air Canada is banking on)

From the Aircanada website:

“Just make sure that:

  • your itinerary originates in Canada for travel within Canada or between Canada and the United States (excluding Puerto Rico), with all flights operated by Air Canada or Jazz,
  • you found the lower fare within 24 hours of your original ticket purchase,
  • the lower fare is not available on,
  • the lower fare is for the exact same Air Canada flight, date, time, itinerary, and fare family as the original itinerary you purchased at
  • the lower fare is all-inclusive (i.e. including all taxes, fees, charges and surcharges)

You’ve found a lower fare for an itinerary that’s identical to one you’ve just booked on

  1. Note the complete Web address (URL) of the website where you found the lower fare.
  2. Capture screenshots and/or printouts of the itinerary, as well as a detailed fare quote including taxes, fees and fare rules from the website where you found the lower fare. (Retain this information in case further verification is required.)
  3. Ensure that the lower fare is not also available on
  4. Submit your claim online within 24 hours of your original ticket purchase by using our online claim form”

This guarantee does not work if you find a lower fare on as they already have had their 24hr grace period for cancelling flights and rebooking in place for sometime. In this case you can just cancel your old itinerary and rebook at the lower price.

Complete details on this new guarantee from Air Canada can be found here.